Cleaning Equipment

Cleanday uses the most up to date cleaning machinery such as highly powered back pack vacuums, scrubbers, buffers and polishers.

A cleaner is only as good as the equipment they use, that’s why we fully equip each and every cleaner with the best mops, mop buckets, dusters, cob web removers, window cleaning applicators, cleaning cloths, sprays and cleaning agents available.

Our cleaners are properly trained to use the correct cleaning agent to restore and protect different types of surfaces such as vinyl, laminate, wood, marble, glass, plastic, porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel, slate and terrazzo.

We use the following leading cleaning equipment brands:

  • Hako and PacVac backpack vacuum cleaners
  • Oates Duraclean mop buckets, poles and mop heads
  • Septone spray bottles
  • Ettore window cleaning equipment
  • Oates scrubbing brushes and Durawipes
  • Oates cleaning caddies and buckets
  • ABC paper towel dispensers
  • Deb soap dispensers
  • Nilfisk floor scrubbers
  • Polivac buffers


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