Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Cleanday has developed a cleaning system that uses environmentally friendly cleaning agents, products and equipment.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Agents

Our range of Septone cleaning agents are biodegradable, phosphate free and non toxic.

Power Efficient Cleaning Equipment

Our Hako and PacVac vacuum cleaners are the most up to date and power efficient machines on the market and are serviced regularly to ensure they use the least amount of energy and electricity.

Plastic Bag Reduction

We use reduced thickness (µm) plastic bags and train our cleaners to use a minimal amount of these bags when removing rubbish and waste and to recycle the bags if they are not damaged.


Our cleaners carefully separate and transfer paper, plastic, glass bottles and cardboard into the correct recycling bins. We can also supply environmentally friendly colour coded bins to support office recycling.

Paper Products

Cleanday sources and makes available to our customers as many recycled toilet paper, paper towel and tissue products we can find through our manufacturers and wholesalers, such as the Softex and ABC range.

Water Reduction

We train our cleaners to use the minimal amount of water necessary in mixing the biodegradable cleaning agents for spraying, scrubbing, rinsing and mopping.

We are continually striving to deliver a cleaner, greener working environment for our customers and appreciate support and input with this endeavour.

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