pressure cleaning

Cleanday can provide one off pressure cleaning services for:

  • Commercial tile and concrete entrances
  • Forecourts and balconies
  • Carparks
  • Warehouse floors

We use a pressure cleaning machine that is capable of at least 1500 P.S.I to 2500 P.S.I. The average garden hose delivers only 60 P.S.I which does not remove ground in dirt, stains or pollution build up.

We also mix a general surface degreaser with the water to remove dirt, grease, chalking, oxidation and mildew from the surface being cleaned.

Pressure Cleaning Prices

Prices start from $150+gst for the first hour and then $60+gst per hour. Up to 100m2 can be pressure cleaned in 1 hour.


Call 1300887894 to arrange this service or email here.

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